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Aloha from the Hawaii Life Vacations team,

Hawai‘i Life Vacations remains in compliance with all State and County rulings related to COVID-19 and Vacation Rentals. Reservations during the Stay-at-Home period are limited and subject to approval. Call us for details.

As we face an unprecedented public health crisis in this country and around the world, we are already seeing the impacts on the travelers and homeowners we serve. We will continue to provide the latest information available to us to help you navigate this swiftly evolving crisis impacting travel and tourism globally.

We wish to thank all the healthcare professionals who are leading us through this crisis, and all those workers who continue to ensure that we are cared for in so many ways. Thank you, especially, to the airline workers who are making sure we all make it home safely at this challenging time.

An Update from Hawaii: 

  • April 25, 2020 - Gov. Ige has extended the 14-day mandatory travel quarantine for people arriving in the state and the stay-at-home order until May 31, 2020.

  • Updated April 20, 2020, all Honolulu Short-term rentals (other than hotels and motels), are not Essential Business for purposes of the Stay at Home Order. Short-term rentals may not operate during the term of the Stay at Home order, and they are not legally recognized paces for visitors to lodge or self-quarantine. 

  • Beginning April 11 to May 3rd, all Kauai Vacation Rentals are subject to the Governor of Hawaii's Emergency proclamation(s) and State and County rulings that mandate all vacation rentals and homestays on the Island of Kauai to cease operations. (Hawaii Life Vacations can not accept Kauai booking dates that occur during Hawaii's Covid-19 Stay-at-Home order.) Current occupants of rentals may stay until the end of the pre-booked period. The State of Hawaii is discouraging new visitors at this time.

  • Beginning April 10th all Maui Bed and Breakfast homes and Short-Term Rental homes may only operate to provide housing for essential workers. This ruling is in effect until the Stay at Home ruling is lifted. 

  • Hawaii's Governor David Ige has asked that you postpone your trips to Hawaii for the next 30 days to give us the opportunity to address the COVID crisis.

  • Beginning March 26, all arriving passengers (residents and visitors) will be required to quarantine at home or in their visitor accommodation for 14 days or until the end of their stay, whichever is shorter. Visit Hawaii Tourism Authority for updates on travel.

  • Amid growing fears of community spread, the Governor of Hawaii “strongly encouraged” travelers to delay any scheduled trips to Hawaii for the next 30 days. On March 19th, Hawaii confirmed its 26th case of COVID-19, despite delayed testing statewide.

  • On March 19th, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that Hawaii airports would begin mandating a 14-day self-quarantine period for all visitors and residents arriving in the islands.

  • Beginning on March 20th, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, all city parks, bars and restaurants on Oahu will be closed. A potential “shelter in place” order is being considered as of March 20, 2020. 

  • If a traveler reaches out to cancel or delay travel, we ask that you offer a full (or expanded) credit for stay dates within the next year (at no additional cost) for travelers who can’t take trips now due to COVID-19.

Obviously, these measures will be detrimental to tourism in Hawaii, the state’s primary economic driver. However, they are necessary steps to help isolate the COVID-19 virus and stop its spread here and elsewhere. 

“These actions may seem extreme to some of you,” Governor Ige said. “But taking aggressive actions now will allow us to have quicker recovery once the crisis is over.” 

Of course, the tourism marketplace is two-sided. For every traveler who paid hard-earned money for a getaway they may not take, there are homeowners and hotels experiencing a loss of bookings and a significant number of cancellations. That has been the case for us, too.  

As a property management company, our goal is to protect the investments of our clients, both travelers, and homeowners. In light of recent news and mandates, and to align ourselves with others in the travel industry, we have implemented an emergency cancellation policy. 

Emergency Cancellation Policy 

Paid Guests

You qualify for the emergency cancellation policy if your arrival date is during the period that the Stay at Home Ruling and Visitor Quarantine is in effect, you booked your reservation prior to March 14th, and you arrive before June 30th, 2020. For reservations booked on or after March 15, 2020, our regular cancellation policy applies. Effective immediately, we are offering the following options  to guests who have paid in full for their Hawaii vacation:

  1. A credit for a future stay in the same home, of equal value, to be redeemed within one year of your original arrival date. 

Guests are responsible for any difference in rates.* 

  1. An immediate 50% refund with the option to re-book at a later date with a 5% re-booking discount.  

*   If you are a guest who has paid in full and you choose option #1, all funds will be held in our client trust account. 

Deposit Guests 

For guests who have not yet paid in full, and with balances due more than 60 days out, we are offering these options:

  1. For guests arriving after June 30th, we have reduced our final payment date to 14 days, and we are suggesting our guests protect their investment by purchasing a Standard Insurance Policy. 

  2. If guests cancel their booking in favor of a full refund, the cancellation fee of $200, reservation fee of $50, and the processing fee is forfeited.  

Current Booking Policy

We do not recommend traveling to Hawaii at this time. All Hawaii County rulings have mandated that all vacation rentals and homestays cease operations. Hawaii Life Vacations can not accept booking dates that occur during Hawaii's Covid-19 Stay-at-Home order but will accept bookings for vacation rentals for when Hawaii's Emergency Proclamation is ended.

We honor flexible rescheduling and will adhere to our newly revised standard cancellation policy. In this way, you can continue to plan your Hawaii vacation, but also respond to the evolving circumstances we’re all facing. Should continued travel disruptions occur, you’ll still be allowed to reschedule or cancel your booking according to our Standard Cancellation Policy.

TIP: We recommend that all travellers protect their investment with the purchase of a travel insurance policy to cover flights to and from Hawaii. 

Our goal is to allow travelers as much flexibility as possible. We are closely following all government and community leadership with regards to safety, and we will adhere to their guidelines in deciding when it may become appropriate to welcome guests to the islands again. 

In the meantime, we have revised our cancellation policy, as stated above, to a more flexible one that allows guests to cancel 30 days or more from their date of departure.


Please review the details of our Standard Cancellation Policy here.

Book your next Hawaii vacation rental here.


With warmest aloha, we wish you the best during these challenging times. 

Please stay home. Stay safe. Share some aloha with your neighbors.