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Located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, the Kilauea Visitor Center is a great place to go when you first enter the park. In addition to the interesting exhibits and gift shop, you can talk to park rangers who will let you know about any special programs being offered including ranger-guided hikes.

The Kilauea Visitor Center is located on the northern rim of the massive Kilauea Caldera at the summit of Kilauea volcano. The Visitor Center provides an overview of the park’s cultural and historical features including educational exhibits about the park’s geology, volcanoes and natural environment.

Displays include the formation of the Hawaiian Islands, the diverse ecosystems including Hawaiian rainforests, and the many birds and other species found in the park. There are also many connections to Hawaiian culture including the stories and wisdom of the native people and their beliefs about the volcano goddess Pele who is said to guard her sacred fires nearby at Halemaumau Crater.

The Visitor Center also includes the Hawaii Natural History Association bookstore which sells a variety of items related to Hawaii’s natural and cultural history.

Across the road from the Visitor Center is the historic Volcano House Hotel and a short ways down Crater Rim Drive is the Jaggar Museum. The hotel and the museum both provide stunning views of the huge, steep-walled Halemaumau Crater which sits within the summit caldera.

The Kilauea Visitor Center is located in the National Park along the Mamalahoa Hwy. (Hwy. 11) about 96 miles southeast of Kailua-Kona and 30 miles southwest of Hilo.