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Your home. Your investment.
Our top priority.

We are the full-service property management team you’ve been looking for. Located throughout the state, we know Hawai’i and we know what it takes to protect your investment while maximizing your returns.


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Property Protection

Our proactive management team is fully prepared to secure your home in the case of pandemics, hurricanes, floods, lava flows, and other island emergencies. And we never rely on third-party vendors or housekeepers to oversee and protect your property.

Rental Services

Our rental market experts are happy to discuss the various rental options and tailor the property-to-rental transformation to you. We take the stress out of owning a vacation rental home by caring for your property and assisting guests, positioning your investment to generate healthy returns.




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Our team of experienced professionals is here in Hawai’i and available seven days a week.


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Affiliates & Partners

To increase exposure and bookings, Hawai’i Life has built strong relationships in the vacation and visitor industry.

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In the News

Hawai’i vacation rentals are all over the news these days. Many trusted media outlets are featuring our wide selection of Hawai’i vacation rental properties.


Our Team

You can trust our team of Hawai’i residents to provide exceptional, personalized care for both your property and guests. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are dedicated to getting your property booked, while caring for your investment the way you would.


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