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Beaches Big Island

One of the most unique Big Island beaches is Mahana Beach, also called Green Sand Beach, located near South Point, the southernmost tip of the island. Reserved for those a little more adventurous, this secluded beach cove with olive-colored sand is accessed by hiking down a 2-mile trail and then descending down a ledge until you reach the sand.

Mahana Beach is one of four green sand beaches found throughout the world. The sand gets its green color from the presence of a greenish, semi-precious stone, olivine, which is found in the surrounding geology, broken down, and deposited on the shore by the crashing waves.

That being said, this is not a beach to go to if you’re wanting to swim. It’s a better beach to go to for some privacy, or because, where else are you going to see a green sand beach? Due to there being little shade, it’s best to visit in the morning when the wind is calm and the sun isn’t so intense. Spinner dolphins are frequently seen swimming in these waters, a nice treat for those who spot them. T
ake the time to visit Mahana Beach so you can add this unique experience to the list of things you did on the Big Island.

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