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Kauai Boat Tours and Charters

A Kauai boat tour is the quintessential Hawaiian experience. You can take a large and sturdy vessel with all the amenities or instead choose a smaller, more adventurous vessel that will take you into the Na Pali sea caves. Many boat tours are suited to your needs. There are dinner and sunset sails for a more relaxing evening. There are boat rides that take you to the best snokeling spots around the kauai waters and provide adventure for the whole family. Whether you want to snorkel at the best locations around Kauai, have an adventurous sightseeing excusion, deep sea fishing, or a luxury dinner and sunset cruise, there is a boat tour for you!

For more information, check out some of the tour details below and contact us by Email or Phone to book your Boat Tour today! (855) 447-3685


Snorkeling and Sightseeing

Snorkel and Sightseeing Excursions generally last about 4 to 4 1/2 hours long and take you up to the beautiful Na Pali Coastline, morning and afternoon tours available. 

Snorkel at some of the Na Pali Coasts’ protected bays and enjoy a “deli style” lunch on board, perfect for people who want to see amazing marine life up close and personal. 

Depending on the ocean conditions the day of your raft tour, stop and snorkel at one of several protected and shallow areas which will be teeming with tropical fish. Fins, goggles (with corrective lenses if you need them), snorkels, and flotation aids are all provided. If you’re new to snorkeling, our crew will be on-hand to provide instruction and pointers so you can get the most from your adventure.

During the winter, see the majestic Pacific Humpback Whales. Here from late November through early April, the whales come down from Alaska to mate and give birth to their young. Known for their curious and playful nature, the whales will often come right up next to the boats. 

Sunset Cruise 

This sightseeing tour is perfect for those looking for adventure and romance. Enjoy an afternoon on the water exploring the Napali Coast, complete with a full buffet dinner and drinks, including authentic Koloa Rum Mai Tai’s. The captain and crew will entertain your imagination with the history and legends of Napali and point out the incredible marine life you encounter. Experience a sunset on the water, complete with a champagne toast to salute another beautiful day in paradise. Tour Length approximately 3.5 - 4 hours 

Whale Watching 

Join us for an experience of a life time getting up close and personal with majestic Humpback Whales. Here during the winter months, the Pacific (Hawaiian) Humpback Whales come to the islands to mate and give birth to their young. It's not uncommon for whales and dolphins to come right up next to our boats making for unforgettable memories. The Captains are Coast Guard certified, local and practice a strict safety protocol. They have unsurpassed experience on the coastal waters around our beautiful Island and will get you to the Whales quickly and safely. 

Ocean Fishing 

Fishing is a big sport on Kauai and there are many boat charters that will take you out into the deep water to catch the big one! 

Shared Fishing Charter Rates (subject to change):

1/2 day (4hrs): $145 + TAX

3/4 day (6hrs): $195 + TAX

All day (8hrs): $250 + TAX

Private Fishing Charter Rates (subject to change):

1/2 day (4hrs): $675 + TAX

3/4 day (6hrs): $875 + TAX

All day (8hrs): $1250 + TAX


For more information contact your personal concierge Rachel by email or phone: 


Phone: (855) 434.4716