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Hiking Tours


Haleakala Crater Summit Hike
  • Destination: Haleakala Crater

  • Duration: 7 hours

  • Price: $190

The grandeur and silence of Haleakala provide a profound experience

  • Hike into both sides of Haleakala; each environment is very different from the other, so both should be experienced to gain a true appreciation for this natural phenomenon.

  • Two-mile hike at the 10,000-foot summit where huge cinder cones dominate the desert-like, expansive scenery.

  • Another two-mile hike at 8,000 ft. on a lava trail lined with rare native plant species.

  • Views stretch for miles in all directions.

  • Nutritious lunch and snacks included.

A visit to Maui is not complete without experiencing Haleakala Crater—a magnificent amphitheater of silence, and a place of beauty that always evokes awe. Our crater tour offers an adventure through two very different environments high up on this dormant volcano. On a clear day, it seems you can see forever.

East Maui Waterfalls & Rainforest Hike
  • Destination: East Maui

  • Duration: 5-6 hours

  • Price: $133

An exciting waterfall playground in an exclusive valley

  • Follow two streams to 3 to 5 breathtaking waterfalls from 10 to 40 feet high.

  • Swim and jump (optional) into large pools under several of the falls.

  • Climb volcanic shelves at 3 of the falls to leap 10 to 15 feet off rock ledges.

  • Popular valley with private trails situated along the Hana Highway.

  • Nutritious lunch and snacks included.

This is our most popular hike in an amazingly unique valley. Dazzling waterfalls from 10 to 40 feet high, large clear swimming pools under each of the falls, magical rainforests, and freshwater streams. It’s an exciting adventure where you can jump safely from rock ledges into several falls and learn about Maui’s wonders from our naturalist guides. End the day with a “shower” under a real Hawaiian waterfall.

Short Waterfalls Walk
  • Destination: East Maui

  • Duration: 3-4 hours

  • Price: $95

Enjoy a peaceful trail walk to two exquisite waterfalls

  • Swim (optional) in pools under two waterfalls—10 and 20 feet high.

  • Practice 10-foot cannonball jumps from safe rock ledges.

  • Easy one-mile roundtrip hike. Great for families, and multi-generational groups.

  • Private trails in a popular valley situated along the Hana Highway.

  • Snacks included.

This is the perfect choice if you want a short, easy walk to two waterfalls in our gorgeous Maui rainforest valley. There’s plenty of time to swim and jump from waterfall ledges into deep freshwater pools, plus learn about the island and its rainforests from our knowledgeable guides. Fun, easy, and great for families, or if you are limited on time.

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