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Kaupo is a small town along the rugged and remote southeast coastline of Maui beyond Hana town and Kipahulu. The topography of this unique area at the base of Haleakala Volcano includes scenic canyons dropping steeply to the sea.

Located just to the west of Kipahulu along the Piilani Highway (Hwy. 31), Kaupo is located beneath the Kaupo Gap at the summit crater of Haleakala where a huge rift was created when a volcanic explosion broke down the crater wall.

A trail through the Kaupo Gap leads from the top of the volcano for about twenty miles down to the Kaupo area. The trail passes through old growth koa forests and dense rainforest areas as it descends to the ranchlands near Kaupo.

Also in Kaupo is the historic Huialoha Church which was built in 1859. The church was restored in the 1970s by local community members who reopened it in 1978. Huialoha means “Meeting of Compassion.”

Just to the west of Kaupo town is the old Kaupo Store where you can get something to eat and drink as well as some supplies. Relax and enjoy a snack on the front porch of this store established more than seven decades ago. There is even a “hitching post” for the locals who ride their horses to the store.

Kaupo town is located along the Piilani Highway (Hwy. 31). Kaupo Store is located at Mile Marker #35 just west of Kaupo town.