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Beaches Maui

This park offers a long and wide stretch of beach, bordered by shade from large Ironwood trees. Calm days provide great swimming and water activities. A popular spot for gatherings and barbeques. Parking. Facilities.

The wide expanse of sandy beach combined with lifeguards, BBQ's, picnic tables, showers and restrooms make this a great spot for social gatherings.

Strong rip currents with high surf with ocean conditions that vary drastically. Potentially hazardous backwash from steep sloping shoreline even during calm ocean conditions. Rocks in front of lifeguard tower may be hazardous, sharp and slippery.

A long and broad beach that slopes steeply to the sea. Tree-lined shore offers shade. Susceptible to heavy afternoon winds.

Swimming with small children can be fun on calm days, but the steep beach can create a strong undertow and waves that break right on the sand. Swim with caution.