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Located in the Ewa district of southwest Oahu, Halawa is home to about 14,000 people. Halawa is also the site of Aloha Stadium which is home to the University of Hawaii Warriors football team and many other sporting events.

On the ocean side of Halawa is Pearl Harbor. Halawa Valley becomes wider near Pearl Harbor and this is where most of the residential neighborhoods are located.

An upland area to the west is called Halawa Heights which merges on its western edge with neighborhoods of Aiea, . Many homes in Halawa Heights have a nice view of Pearl Harbor, and some have views all the way to Diamond Head.
Halawa Valley has many important cultural sites dating to ancient times. This led to many protests during the building of the H-3 Freeway which opened in 1997 running right through the valley.

Much of the H-3 Freeway passing through Halawa Valley is built on a viaduct, which is a bridge consisting of many small spans. This was done to alleviate flooding and destabilization concerns in the narrow valley while also preserving cultural sites and the quality of the watershed.