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A Safe Return to Hawaii 

Hawaii is slowly reopening, and we are excited to welcome you back once vacation rental properties can resume operations. Starting October 15, 2020, travelers who test negative for coronavirus 72 hours before arriving in Hawaii will be able to avoid the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. Arriving passengers must show proof of a negative test result to avoid the 14-day quarantine.

As we look forward to welcoming visitors again, we remain committed to the safety of both our guests and our communities. It is so important that we all feel safe, limit our exposure, and stay healthy. The comforts and safety of home mean so much more to us now than ever before. We understand your desire for a private vacation in a beautiful setting. 

If you’re seeking a safe retreat from the world, Hawaii Life Vacations has you covered. We offer a curated selection of luxury properties across the state, and we have a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in store for you. 

While some things will be different as we work together to navigate this ‘new normal,’ the calming effects of Hawaii’s natural beauty and making memories with those you love in your private oasis remain unchanged. 

Staying Safe Together

With that in mind, we’ve developed our Staying Safe Together policy, for the benefit of Hawaii Life guests and our communities across the state. We ask that all Hawaii Life Guests adhere to these new policies. 

  • Please travel only when everyone in your group remains healthy and has been healthy for the past 14 days (i.e., no sign of fever, cough, or body aches). We need to be mindful of the limited healthcare resources in many of our island communities. If you or someone in your party feels unwell or has been exposed to someone who is sick, we will help you find alternative dates for you.  

  • Please bring a face mask for each person in your party to use when lining up at or entering stores or any location where it will be challenging to maintain a safe social distance. The Hawaii law requires face coverings both inside and outside of businesses, and you may be refused service or entry without one. If you do not have face masks, please let our office know, and we will leave some disposable masks in your rental property for your use. 

  • Currently, there is a 14-day quarantine mandated by law for all newly arrived visitors to Hawaii. When that law has been changed and the quarantine lifted, you may be able to move freely about Hawaii. Should you need to purchase household items or groceries at that time, please designate only one member of your household to run errands – this helps keep our local communities safe and healthy. Once the quarantine has been lifted, we still encourage you to please pack and bring your own groceries, sunscreen, and other supplies, as needed. Local stores may have limited supplies and limited hours. 

  • Please practice social distancing when enjoying the beaches, parks or trails, and please follow all posted rules for each area. 

If we all practice Staying Safe Together to protect the health and well-being of all Hawaii residents, we can continue welcoming guests to Hawaii.


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