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18 Aug 2015
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Here at Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, the Spirit of Aloha is alive and well. Just look at the name that we have chosen to represent our mission…Hawaii Life. Our vision is to welcome you into our culture and lifestyle and share with you what Aloha is all about. From the moment we make our first connection with you, we want to get to know you from the inside out. Who you are is more important to us than what you do, or where you are from. It is all about building a personal relationship. You become more than a client to us, you become a friend and a part of the Hawaii Life family.

What Exactly is Aloha?

When people come to Hawaii to visit, one of the main reasons that they return again and again is that they can truly feel the Aloha here. It is something genuine and special that cannot be found anywhere else. What exactly is Aloha? According to the dictionary, it is a basic noun that is used in greeting or parting from someone. It can also mean mutual respect, affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. 

In Hawaiian, the word ‘alo’ means presence and ‘ha’ means breath. The Hawaiians knew that the breath was the key to life. Their literal meaning of Aloha is ‘the presence of breath’ or the ‘breath of life.’ It originates from the mid 19th century and was used first by the Hawaiians. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something so positively powerful and contagious?

Every culture around the world has their own form of Aloha, but here in Hawaii it is fully embodied in what we call “the Aloha Spirit.” Just as a spirit cannot be seen, but it can absolutely be felt: so the Aloha Spirit is something that we pass on from one person to the next through our feelings and emotions. It is also called the ‘unspoken service.’ Actions speak volumes louder than their words. 

When you meet someone who lives with Aloha, you just know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they always have your best interest at heart. Each person that you meet, at the beach, or on the golf course, or at the grocery store, should always walk away with that feeling that there is something uniquely different about you. This is what I am talking about. The beauty of Aloha is that it is something that can be taught. But, in its truest and most genuine from, it is when you simply have a heart to bless and serve others. Treat everyone that you come in contact with, regardless of race or status, how you want to be treated. It is really that simple.

E Komo Mai

Hawaii Life is all about healthy living and sharing our deeply rooted culture. Hawaii Life is about giving back more than we have been given. Hawaii Life is about honoring our land and the Ohana that came before us. If you want a piece of our Hawaii Life, we are more than happy to share our Aloha Spirit with you.

Authored by Rebekah Lussiaa