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Whether traveling for business, pleasure, or just looking for your next vacation destination, there are some major benefits of extending your getaway to something more! With recent legislation passed in Oahu, zoning laws prohibit entire-home...
Did you know, Hawaii is home to some amazingly delicious superfoods? (Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that contain a variety of potential health benefits.)
colorful hawaiian mango varieties
Mangos are widely grown as dooryard tree in almost every area of Hawaii. The fruits are mostly eaten fresh, but are easily made into ice cream, sorbets, juices and other delicacies. Try fresh mango, as well as other seasonal local fruits, on your Hawaiian getaway!
holding green coconut
Coconut water is popping up everywhere in a variety of commercial beverages. But the original (and a favorite at local Hawaiian farmers' markets) is a fresh green coconut trimmed, opened with a machete, and inserted with a straw to draw out the fresh sweet liquid!
ahi poke salad
Hawaiian cooking includes a diverse blend of cuisine and culture. Try out some of these Island-style recipes at home, including ahi poke salad, huli huli pineapple chicken, sesame-crusted mahi, ono butter mochi and more!
hawaiian swimming shaka at sunset
Dive into the history Pidgin English — considered Hawaii's local language — and how it became recognized as an official language. Then, learn some words and phrases to fit in during your Hawaiian vacation!
hawaiian lei floating in the ocean
Did you know that giving a lei signifies a special occasion or welcoming, but anyone can wear a lei at any time? Learn the history of leis in Hawai'i and why our custom of "aloha" is so important!
When most people think of Hawai‘i, riding a colorful surfboard on a turquoise wave comes to mind. From the rugged and large board carved out of the native Koa wood to the current day polyurethane...