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7 Sep 2021
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Hawaiian Culture

Test Your Family’s Knowledge with Hawaii Trivia

The islands that make up Hawaii are full of rich history and culture. During your paradise gateway, immerse yourself in the culture by visiting historical sites and learning from native Hawaiians. With vacation rentals throughout the islands, Hawaii Life Vacations has a vacation home that’s near historical and cultural landmarks. We’ve put together a list of Hawaii trivia questions to see who knows the most about the islands.

Quiz Yourself with These Hawaii Fast Facts

Enjoy a bit of friendly competition on the flight over by seeing who can get the most number of these facts correct.

Q: When did Hawaii become a state?

A: Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21, 1959. 

Q: How many islands are in Hawaii?

A: While there are six major islands most visit, there are over 100 islands total

Q: What time zone is Hawaii?

A: Hawaii observes Hawaii Standard Time. Bonus points if you knew this state is only one of a handful in the country that doesn’t observe daylight savings time. 

Q: How big is Hawaii?

A: Hawaii’s area measures 10,970 square miles. 

Q: How far is Hawaii from California?

A: Hawaii is roughly 2,500 miles away from the Golden State, which is about a six-hour flight.

Q: How many volcanoes are in Hawaii?

A: According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, there are six active volcanoes.

Q: What is the population of Hawaii?

A: The state has about 1.46 million residents, up 7 percent from the 2010 census. 

Learn even more about the history of the islands by visiting some of the top historical sites. Each island has its own landmarks, but some of the most popular and well-known ones include Pearl Harbor National Memorial, ‘Iolani Palace, Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, and King Kamehameha the Great statue

Immerse Yourself in Culture during a Hawaii Getaway

There is no limit to what you and your kids can learn and see when you explore the area around your Hawaii Life Vacations rental. Take a break from the beach and visit local landmarks and cultural sites to discover the fascinating history of this tropical paradise.

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