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22 Oct 2012
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Have you ever wanted to know the ins and outs of how both vacation rentals and property management work? I thought so. Below is a concise explanation of how we at Hawaii Life Vacation Rentals manage the aspects of both vacation rental and property management, and how we will handle your property should you desire to make passive income from your dream house and let us handle the hard stuff.

About Me

When I first started in the Property Management business, my broker at the time gave me a pep talk:

“Kahea, are you sure you want to do this? It’s not easy, and Property Managers tend to burn out after a maximum of two years.”

Well, I suppose I’m the exception to the rule. Twelve years later and I am still in the business, enjoying every part of it. I admit, it was not easy, it is not easy, but I’ve got it down and that helps a lot. My system works, I’ve got a growing team that won’t quit and a great company behind me.

About the Job

It may go without saying that a successful vacation rental necessitates not only the perfect home, but guests who want to stay there. This is why we have separated the job into two divisions, Property Management and Bookings (which includes marketing), both of which are on offer from Hawaii Life Vacation Rentals.

Below is a brief summary of our services and terms. If you’re considering renting your home through us, please feel free to contact me for a detailed listing package.

Hawaii Property Management Services

  • Inspections – Prior to all check-ins, as well as quarterly, we complete a 50-point inspection list upon every walk through.
  • Proactive Interior and Exterior Maintenance – Along with guaranteeing the house is at its highest level of cleanliness, we supervise and schedule all workers, such as cleaners, landscapers and repair technicians.
  • Concierge – We provide complimentary services through Hawaii Life concierge for persons staying on the premises. As well, we handle all guest crises and general concerns.
  • We report to the owner(s) on a monthly basis on current maintenance issues, suggestions and the status of the premises.
  • If applicable, we renew TVR Special Use Permits on behalf of the owner(s).
  • Lastly, we pay all invoices on behalf of the owner(s) from the previously set-up Owner’s Rental Trust Account.

Hawaii Booking And Marketing Services

  • Hawaii Life runs the most trafficked real estate website in the state of Hawaii, and vacation rental owners undoubtedly benefit from that activity.
  • We showcase your home on, VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey, Trip Advisors and dozens of other partner websites.
  • Our network consists of repeated guests, real estate agents, travel agents, Hawaii Beach Rentals, Luxury Retreats and dozens of other partners.
  • We book the home in accordance with the owners goals, specifically how the home is managed, certain restrictions placed on the home, or owner usage.
  • We partner with Escapia, a management hub that organizes calendars, accounting (expenses and income, commissions), contracts, guest databases and owner statements. As well, it drives front-end output and integrates with FlipKey, Trip Advisor and Exclusive Getaways Hawaii (which syndicates to partner sites).
  • What all of these partnerships and associations mean is that while you’re listing your home with us, it is still available to be booked through all of these partner agencies and sites, thereby giving it maximum exposure to the market.

Final Thoughts

Being a Property Manager requires a large skill set including communication, knowledge of electronics, plumbing and appliances, accounting, human resources, problem solving and the list goes on and on. Our team has all of these skills and more, and no task is too large for us to accomplish.

One thing I want to make clear about me is that I offer uncompromising service, along with solid representation.

Again, I realize this is a lot of information, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for a complete listing package, to further discuss your property and the business, or if you’re in the market, to help you find the perfect property for you, your family, and your needs.

I hope to hear from you soon.