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29 Jul 2016
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Travel Tips

Let's face it...driving on unfamiliar roads in unfamiliar towns can often times be tricky. Add some one land bridges into the mix, and things can get down right overwhelming. Kauai, in particular its north shore, is laden with these one lane passes. So we thought we would share with you some tips to adhere to in the attempts to make your driving experience here more pleasurable and to keep the local residents happy!

One 'love' bridge

1. "Try slow". Locals way of saying try slowing down a bit. Kauai is not the place to be if you are in a hurry. I suppose that it is one of the many gifts she has to offer us. Stop and smell the roses, or in this case, the plumerias.

2. Take note of the location of the yield sign and the white marker line which references where you should be stopped. Be sure to stay completely behind the line. This prevents traffic jams and allows the passing cars to have enough room to get by. Sitting over this line is guaranteed to earn you a 'stink eye' from a local.

3. If you are not first in line to cross and sitting behind some other cars, the respectful amount of vehicles to proceed is 5-7 cars. It is always appreciated to throw a shaka or a little wave to the car that stopped for you on the other side. That in turn, should earn you a smile:)

4. When approaching a bridge and in clear line of sight of the other side, if there are no cars waiting or currently crossing, go ahead and proceed without stopping. Remember, the sign reads yield, not stop. Be sure not to stop on the bridge for a Kodak moment...this is a big no-no.

5. On rare occasions, you may find yourself in a face off with another car in the middle of the bridge. We suggest being the bigger person and back down, which means back it up. Good karma points acquired!

6. At the end of the day, it really just comes down to using common sense. Be mindful and considerate of others and you can't go wrong. Being nice just feels good anyhow!

Enjoy the ride!