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10 Jul 2020
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When it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy for your luxury home rental in Hawaii, no one does it better than Hawaii Life Vacations. In addition to maintaining your Hawaii vacation home rental's day-to-day care and operations, our property management team has access to an entire department dedicated to high-level marketing strategies who help ensure you profit from your Hawaii real estate investment.

Short-term, Medium-term, Long-term Rental Options

Work from home has changed the marketplace. Visitors are no longer expected to cram vacations into a one-to-two week period. Increasingly, we are seeing demand for medium-term stays, which means a Hawaii vacation rental of 30-90 days. We are seeing more travelers looking to rent a vacation home in Hawaii who need all the conveniences a property rental can offer, without the commitment of a long-term lease (of six months or more). 

Hawaii Life has both vacation rental and long-term rental programs, giving us the flexibility to market your Hawaii vacation home to visitors to Hawaii who wish to work remotely. Please check out our long-term rental website at

Maximize Bookings Via Organic Traffic

You've probably heard of the phrase work smarter, not harder. Hawaii Life Vacations is dedicated to this principle when it comes to marketing your rental home. We've developed a high-level understanding of how to drive web traffic to our site and have sustained, unparalleled global exposure for our listings. Because we've cast a large marketing net, we've significantly increased your Hawaii vacation rental's potential. In addition, we invest in targeted pay-per-click marketing, sponsored advertising, and strategic organic keyword placement. 

Take Advantage of Our Diverse Booking Network

In addition to our increased traffic strategies, we've developed a diverse marketing network. For years, Hawaii Life has maintained solid relationships within the vacation and visitor industry, meaning your Hawaii vacation home rental gains more exposure and a higher likelihood of increased bookings. Hawaii Life has a massive client database, and we understand how to get the most out of those carefully cultivated relationships. We maintain relationships with past, current, and potential customers via our talented marketing and design team efforts, sustaining a consistent, ongoing dialogue with our audience in a way that feels genuine and never "spammy." 

Making Your Hawaii Real Estate Investment More Accessible

We share your goal of maximizing occupancy for your home, so we're constantly improving our digital marketing strategies. Clients even have the option to use our Hawaii Life Vacations App, offering even easier access to detailed property information to Hawaii vacationers and guests. 

For more information on our digital marketing strategies for your Hawaii vacation home rental, please give us a call at 855-447-3685. Our accomplished property management team is here to help you!