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Aloha from the Hawai‘i Life Rentals team,

We know how excited you must be to visit Hawai‘i again. We look forward to welcoming you back. Our first priority is the health and safety of our guests, homeowner clients, and our communities. We are now accepting bookings. We offer flexible cancellation and rebooking policies, as outlined below

Latest News

There are currently no COVID-related requirements for arriving domestic passengers. Travelers arriving in Hawai‘i directly from international airports must still comply with U.S. federal requirements; consult with your airline.

Past Travel Updates:

**Changes Effective March 26, 2021**

At the end of the day, March 25, 2022, the Safe Travels Hawai‘i program will conclude. Beginning March 26, 2022, there will be no COVID-related requirements for arriving domestic passengers. Travelers arriving in Hawai‘i directly from international airports must still comply with U.S. federal requirements; consult with your airline.


**Changes Effective November 8, 2021**

The State of Hawaiʻi will welcome international travelers under the new federal requirements starting next Monday, Nov. 8.

Direct International Travel to Hawaiʻi

Starting Nov. 8

  • NON-U.S. citizens traveling directly to Hawaiʻi from an international destination must present BOTH a vaccination records AND a negative COVID-19 test result (NAAT or antigen) within three days of boarding a flight to the United States.
  • U.S. citizens flying directly to Hawaiʻi from an international destination have two options:
    • Provide proof of vaccination OR
    • Provide proof of negative COVID-19 test result within one day of boarding flight to U.S.

There will be no additional State of Hawaiʻi requirements for passengers flying directly into Hawaiʻi from an international destination. The airlines will screen passengers prior to their departure to the U.S. If foreign passengers fail to meet BOTH requirements and if U.S. citizens fail to meet ONE of the two requirements, they will not be allowed to board the flight. Once in Hawaiʻi, the CDC will conduct compliance checks.

Note: Tests do NOT have to be done with Trusted Travel Partners under the new international federal requirements, but they  MUST be done with a Trusted Travel Partner for unvaccinated domestic travel.

Non-Direct International Travel to Hawaiʻi

Starting Nov. 8

International passengers entering the U.S. from another state or territory will be treated as domestic travelers when entering the State of Hawaiʻi. The Safe Travels Hawaiʻi program remains in place for domestic travelers.

Current Safe Travels Hawaiʻi requirements for domestic travelers include:

    • Creating a Safe Travels Hawaiʻi account on a digital device
    • Entering trip details
    • Filling out a health form, and
    • Attesting that all information is correct.

Currently, travelers may bypass the state’s mandatory 10-day quarantine in one of two ways:

1) Upload a vaccination document; or

2) Upload a negative NAAT test result.

      • The test must be taken by a Trusted Travel Partner (TTP) within three days of departure for the State of Hawaiʻi.

Also, beginning on Nov. 8, the State of Hawaiʻi, in alignment with the federal government, will accept vaccines approved or authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and vaccines listed for emergency use by the World Health Organization. A list of currently accepted vaccines is posted on the CDC’s website.

**Changes Effective September 15, 2021**

Anyone wishing to eat or drink inside a restaurant or bar in Maui will have to prove they've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Unvaccinated customers will only be allowed to eat at outdoor seating areas, or opt for takeout. The new rules limit inside gatherings to five and outside gatherings to 10.

**Changes Effective September 13, 2021**

The island of Oahu will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours to enter establishments. Takeout is excluded and children 12 and younger are exempt. Visit Safe Access Oahu for more information. 

**Changes Effective July 8, 2021**

Beginning July 8 2021, the State of Hawai‘i vaccination exemption program will include domestic, Hawai‘i-bound travelers vaccinated in the United States or U.S Territories. The program allows these travelers to bypass the state’s quarantine requirement with proof of vaccination.

All vaccinated trans-Pacific travelers will need to upload proof of their vaccination to the state of Hawaii's Safe Travels website.  

One of the following documents must be uploaded:

  • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card

  • VAMS (Vaccination Administration Management System) printout OR

  • DOD DD Form 2766C

Sign the online legal attestations on Safe Travels Hawaiʻi, confirming the uploaded documentation is true and accurate.

Bring a hard copy of vaccination documentation to show screeners at the gate prior to boarding and/or upon arrival in Hawai‘i. Screeners will review/verify the vaccination documents, match photo IDs, name and DOB as well as confirm that the attestations are signed.

**Changes Effective June 15, 2021**

Those travelling between islands will no longer be subject to COVID-19 quarantine requirements of any kind. Interisland travelers will also be exempt from taking a pre-travel coronavirus test. 

Anyone vaccinated within the state of Hawai´i will no longer be forced to take and pass a COVID-19 test before returning to the islands in order to avoid a 10-day mandatory quarantine. Proof of vaccination is required for the exemption, including uploading a copy of a valid vaccine card to the Safe Travels website. 

Those vaccinated outside of the state are still required to take and pass a coronavirus test within 72 hours of departure to Hawai´i to avoid quarantine. Once they have arrived and fulfilled all requirements, those travelers can move between islands without any restictions. 

**Changes Effective May 11, 2021**

David Ige announced that Hawaii will begin accepting a vaccination exemption on May 11 for interisland travelers. The vaccination exemption only applies to interisland travelers, who received their vaccination in Hawaii and can prove that they have been fully vaccinated and have waited the required 14 day period.

**Changes Effective April 5, 2021**
Governor David Ige has approved Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami’s request to rejoin the Safe Travels pre-travel testing program for Trans-Pacific travel, effective April 5, 2021. Existing rules for travel to Kauai remain in place until that date.

The following mandate for Kaua‘i became effective on January 5, 2021. 
Inter-island travelers who have been in the State of Hawa‘ii for more than three days are eligible to participate in the Safe Travels Pre-Travel Testing Program for quarantine exemptions. Or, those traveling from outside of the state to Kaua‘i and choose to not stop on an outer island for 72 hours may participate in the county’s independent post-arrival resort bubble program. Travelers who take a pre-travel test, quarantine for three days on the “resort bubble” property, then take a post-travel test, will be released from quarantine with negative test results. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have. For full details visit the County of Kauai Site here.

Kauai Travel Covid Rules
Flow Chart from the County of Kauai Website.

Comfort and Safety Update

We are committed to taking every possible precaution to help protect our guests, homeowner clients, and our communities during this global health crisis. To that end, we’ve developed our 5-Point Checklist for our statewide team of property managers and housekeepers. We take pride in the properties we represent, and we want our guests to feel comfortable and at ease when visiting Hawai‘i. 

Our 5-Point Checklist addresses issues such as:

  • Personal Protective Equipment 
  • Cleaning Protocols 
  • Personal & Cleaning Supplies
  • Appropriate Social Distancing 

Please click here to review our 5-Point checklist. 

Booking Policy Update

Hawai‘i vacation rentals have been granted permission to fully resume operations under the State of Hawaii’s laws.

Our goal is to allow travelers as much flexibility regarding rescheduling and cancellation as possible. With that in mind, we revised our Standard Cancellation Policy with flexible new terms that allow guests to reschedule or cancel their booking 60 days or more from their date of departure.

In this way, you can continue to plan your Hawaii vacation, but also respond to the evolving circumstances we’re all facing. Should continued travel disruptions occur, you’ll be allowed to reschedule or cancel your booking according to our new Emergency Cancellation Policy.

As a precaution, we recommend that all travelers protect their investment with the purchase of a travel insurance policy to cover flights to and from Hawaii. 

Please review the details of our Standard and Emergency Cancellation Policy here.

Book your next Hawaii vacation rental here. 

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