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26 Jul 2023
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As a wave of wanderlust sweeps over travelers planning a trip to the tropical paradise of Hawai’i, the search is on for beautifully updated, refurbished, and modernized vacation rental homes. Since advanced search filters make finding the ideal Hawai’i vacation rental easier than ever, these potential guests are actively looking for luxurious properties brimming with enhanced amenities and thoughtful extras.


At Hawai’i Life, we specialize in luxury properties and every Hawai’i vacation rental property we represent is of the highest quality. Wondering if your property meets our criteria? Keep reading for 12 key factors to ensure that your vacation rental meets our high standards:


12 Key Factors of Hawai’i Life Home Standards



1. A Warm Welcome

Fully furnished with tasteful décor and comfortable furniture, the properties that Hawai’i Life represents present an inviting ambiance to guests. As cleanliness and order are paramount, these rental homes are clutter-free, with no personal items or artifacts in sight. All appliances and décor elements are kept impeccable, and no unpleasant odors, pest issues, or visible traps exist in any of the units. We ask that all lighting fixtures be high quality and functional, with spare bulbs available on-site as needed. Additionally, any fireplaces should be clean and ready to use, and cold and hot water always readily available.


2. Easy Access

Each home we represent is required to have a helpful welcome binder filled with vital information such as the property’s WiFi details and essential contact numbers. Moreover, at least two sets of keys should be provided to guest parties of two or more. And upon checkout, self-locking doors or secure mail slots should allow guests to leave keys securely within the property.


3. Well-Stocked Essentials

A washer and dryer are basic amenities included in all homes represented by Hawai’i Life. To ensure guests feel completely at home, provide ample household items such as cleaning cloths, detergent, extra garbage bags, and essential paper products.


4. Proper Climate Control

All properties in warm weather locations must offer air conditioning (seasonal or year-round) in the bedrooms as a bare minimum. Offering central air may be preferred. Check that any installed ceiling fans are functional and noise-free. And for vacation rentals in cooler locations, have heaters available throughout the home


5. Staying Connected

Every Hawai’i Life property should provide guests with basic WiFi connectivity. We strongly encourage homeowners to consider upgrading to higher speeds and investing in signal repeaters for enhanced coverage throughout the property, especially if you cater to guests planning remote work or video conferencing during their stay.


6. Outdoor Oasis

Vacation rentals represented by Hawai’i Life must offer well-maintained outdoor spaces with lawns, gardens, patios, and driveways kept in pristine condition. Any pools, hot tubs, and BBQ grills available on site should be clean, functional, and ready for immediate use. Outdoor furniture should also be clean and in good condition, with enough beach chairs, umbrellas, and poolside amenities (half number per maximum occupancy).


7. Culinary Delight

Hawai’i Life vacation rental kitchens must have easy-to-operate appliances in working condition, as well as a full set of cooking essentials for guests to use. Cleanliness is a priority, so appliances and surfaces should be stain-free. And don’t forget to provide basic seasonings like cooking oil, salt and pepper, and other essential spices.


8. Living Spaces

To meet Hawai’i Life’s standards, Ensure that all living rooms and dining areas in your vacation rental have sufficient seating for the maximum guest count. Each living space should have a flat-screen television offering basic cable, with the option of premium channels and a high-end music system for guests to enjoy. Design these spaces to foster togetherness, providing a cozy environment for guests to gather, share meals, and create unforgettable memories.


9. Serene Bedrooms

Similar to the living areas, the bedrooms in vacation rentals represented by Hawai’i Life should be a tranquil retreat with comfortable seating and entertainment options. Although not necessary, serene color palettes and luxurious bedding are thoughtful additions that curate an atmosphere of relaxation. After a long day of exploring Hawai’i’s unrivaled natural beauty, guests can unwind and recharge in these peaceful havens.


10. Spotless Bathrooms

Hawai’i Life rentals must maintain the highest cleanliness standards in bathrooms. Bathroom surfaces should be free of severe staining and bathrooms stocked with hotel-quality towels and toiletries. Keep a hairdryer in each full bath to ensure a luxurious experience for guests. Attention to detail is key; even the shower curtains and between tiles must be kept immaculate to ensure a pristine, spa-like atmosphere for guests.


11. Safety First

Each Hawai’i Life vacation home is required to be equipped with working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. Ensure properties with alarms are functioning and consider a wall or closet safe for secure storage. 


12. Luxurious Extras

While not mandatory, we suggest a few optional touches to elevate the guest experience, such as extra pillows and blankets, a first aid kit, high-quality toiletries, and even board games. Moreover, offering extra amenities like bikes, boogie boards, or even bathrobes can further enrich a vacationer’s Hawai’i Life experience.


Grow Your Vacation Rental Bookings With Hawai’i Life

If you want your vacation rental to attract visitors who are looking for luxurious properties brimming with enhanced amenities and thoughtful extras, then these key elements can truly transform your property into an unforgettable Hawai’i Life experience.


A full-service Hawaii property management team, Hawai’i Life is committed to handling all of your rental property’s needs. Our streamlined, hassle-free property management solutions are designed to help you protect your investment and maximize your return. 

Contact us today if you feel your property meets our criteria by phone at 855-447-3685 or email