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18 Sep 2020
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Here at Hawaii Life Vacations, we are working with an increasing number of West Coast clients choosing to ride out the pandemic in Hawaii. They are quarantining for the required two weeks in rental homes and negotiating long-term leases with our homeowner clients.

Remote Work Expands Possibilities

Remote work, distance learning, and homeschooling are making it possible for many families to enjoy the relative safety of Hawaii, where most islands have an exceedingly low rate of Covid infections.

One family who rented a five-bedroom Oahu home with a pool told us, "Our employers switched to work-from-home until mid-2021, and the local schools for our first-grader were distance-only, so we had unusual flexibility to live in a new place while keeping our existing jobs."

While they plan to return to California when the pandemic and school year are over, they shared, "We have always wanted to live in Hawaii, and this seemed like a great opportunity."

3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom featuring your new home office, on the Island of Kauai 

Better Safety & Work-Life Balance

They also shared, "At the time, Hawaii's excellent record in battling the coronavirus was a big draw, including the possibility of safe in-person school for our young children."

While circumstances have changed on Oahu in recent weeks, and the schools are also distance-only in Honolulu, they told us that their home in Hawaii remains an easier place to balance work and child care. Due to the time difference, they accomplish a few hours of work before their kids even wake up. They finish their workday by 2 pm, while there is still plenty of daylight to play and enjoy family time before dinner.

"Our employers have been very flexible about relocation, including explicitly extending our work from home arrangement well into next year," one parent told us. "Thus, we can be confident in staying through the school year even if the pandemic abates."

5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bathroom with great family swimming pool, on the Big Island of Hawaii 

How To Make It Happen For Your Family

Before making the leap, they hired a property manager in California to make some minor repairs and find tenants for their own home. They shared, "While moving is never easy, the companies we worked with were incredibly helpful and took the right precautions to keep us safe during the pandemic."

Here in Hawaii, they worked with our professional property managers to pinpoint the perfect family home and negotiate rental terms that fit both the tenant and the homeowner.

Our concierge services team ensured all their provisions were stocked and ready for their arrival, making it easy for them to quarantine for two weeks (as required by Hawaii State law). They were able to relax for two weeks by the pool without venturing out of the house.

Hawaii's Long-Term Rental Market

A high number of well-appointed vacation rental homes are sitting empty in Hawaii due to travel restrictions. At Hawaii Life Vacations, we specialize in luxury vacation rentals. We offers West Coast families and singles a wide array of fully furnished, longer-term Hawaii rental homes.

We are here to help you make the transition, enabling you and your family to enjoy Hawaii's relative safety and exceptional climate for the foreseeable future. Many Hawaii homeowners are more than pleased to secure qualified, long-term tenants to ensure a steady stream of revenue from their property into 2021 and beyond.

Please contact us today for more information about flexible, long-term rental opportunities across the state of Hawaii. We can set you up for success and help you quarantine for your first two weeks, for your safety and the safety of our island communities.