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31 Mar 2023
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Benefits of Hiring a Local Property Manager vs. A National Company

Between maintaining the property, connecting with vacation guests, and anticipating their needs and wants, owning a Hawai'i vacation home can be a lot of work. From  day-to-day management concerns to protecting your investment and making sure you're getting the most out of the property, it can be wise to hire a Hawai'i vacation property manager.

It can also be confusing. One of the most frequently asked questions by Hawai'i vacation homeowners is whether they should go with a local property manager in Hawai’i or if they should choose a larger national company. 

Today we’ll look at the pros and cons of both, why many owners choose a local property manager instead of a national company, and how having a property manager can help. 

National Companies May Not Be the Best Option For Your Vacation Property

A lot of vacation homeowners assume that national companies are a good option because of the size and the fact that there may be more employees that can help with the day-to-day management of individual properties. In practice, however, national property management companies are often overbooked and riddled with other serious problems. 

National Companies Manage Too Many Properties

One of the biggest challenges that vacation homeowners face when they work with a national company is the fact that these companies tend to be chronically overbooked, managing a wide range of properties across the country. As a result, your property won't get much individual time and attention. 

What’s more, you're likely to have more than one manager assigned to your property, so you won't ever get that individualized touch or a manager that is familiar with the unique benefits of your rental. Chances are, your property managers won’t ever visit your property, or meet with you to discuss strategy, upgrades, or change stocked materials.

National Companies are Less Likely to Understand the Local Culture and Market

One of the biggest draws to Hawai’i vacation homes is the unique culture of the islands and the opportunity to experience that while on a tropical vacation. If you work with a national property management company, however, your property managers may not know much more about what makes Hawai'i so special and such a top-notch destination than your average vacationer could learn from a brochure. As such, your guests probably won't get the authentic experience they are dreaming of. 

National Companies May Treat Your Property Like All Their Other Properties

One of the downsides of working with a national property manager is that you’ll likely end up with a vacation home that will look and feel like every other vacation home managed by that company. It’s difficult to create a unique experience and stand out in a competitive market when your property manager is ordering the same supplies for a dozen different vacation homes, including yours. 

Benefits to Working With a Local Property Manager

In addition to avoiding some of the key problems with national companies (including the overbooking of employees) , having a local company manage your Hawai’i vacation home comes with a few key benefits. We're going to highlight three of the most important benefits here, but there are plenty more that you'll discover if you decide to work with a local property manager. 

1. Your Property Manager Will Understand What Makes Hawai’i a Unique Destination

One of the most important benefits of working with a local Hawai’i property manager is their understanding of what makes Hawai’i an attractive destination for vacationers. If your property manager is locally based, you’ll also be able to take advantage of their unique understanding of the area, from the best food and sites to the features that can help your guests feel truly pampered.

2. You Can Count on a Dedicated Property Manager

Another huge plus that comes from working with a local property manager is teaming up with a specific person assigned to your property who manages the details and can become more familiar with your vacation rental and all that makes it special. 

You’ll also have the assurance that the person you’re working with can keep a close eye on your property, and will notice when linens need replacing or equipment needs fixing. With a local manager, you can rest easy knowing that your property will always be guest-ready.

3. Your Property Manager Can Spend More Time on Your Property

A local property manager can spend more time on your property, which can result in more recommendations and bookings down the road. In addition, they’ll have more time to spend on the extra touches and details that help a vacation home break away from the pack and make a lasting impression. 

Looking For a Local Property Manager For Your Vacation Rental?

You need to know that you can really trust a property manager with your investment and that they have your best interests in mind. If you’re looking for a property manager that can take care of your Hawai’i vacation home, we are locally based and ready to help. 

Hawai’i Life offers experienced property managers familiar with Hawai’i, and, most importantly, familiar with the reasons that visitors choose Hawai’i for their vacations. Contact Hawai’i Life to learn more about our management practices and to see if your vacation property meets our requirements for representation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and go over any concerns or goals you have for your property.