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7 Oct 2019
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Whether it's the warm temperatures, beautiful foliage, or connecting with nature, showering under the sun (or moon) can be quite refreshing. Visitors to Hawaii will find that private outdoor showers are common for bathing. Often times, homes are designed specifically with our active lifestyle in mind. We like to leave the sand outside, so nothing beats a outdoor shower after a day of adventure!

Here are some of our favorite outdoor showers on Kauai. 

Hanalei Beachfront

Hanalei Kauai | 3 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom 
Hanalei Beachfront Outdoor Shower

Lani Kai

Hanalei, Kauai | 4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom

Lani Kai Outdoor Shower

Hale Hoku

Hanalei, Kauai | 5 Bedroom, 4 Bathroom

Hale Hoku Outdoor Shower

Kauai Beach House

Anahola, Kauai | 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom

Kauai Beach House Outdoor Shower 

Hale Lani

Kilauea, Kauai | 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom

Hale Lani Outdoor Shower