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hawaiian swimming shaka at sunset
Dive into the history Pidgin English — considered Hawaii's local language — and how it became recognized as an official language. Then, learn some words and phrases to fit in during your Hawaiian vacation!
on and on day spa hanalei kauai
Located in Hanalei on the beautiful north shore of Kauai, ON & ON Day Spa and Skin Care Treatments introduces a new era of skin & body health that encourages daily detoxification, cellular regeneration, and potent nourishment.
hawaiian lei floating in the ocean
Did you know that giving a lei signifies a special occasion or welcoming, but anyone can wear a lei at any time? Learn the history of leis in Hawai'i and why our custom of "aloha" is so important!
women dance the hula
Learn more about the hula, its importance in Hawaiian culture, and the history of the Merrie Monarch Festival, which takes place every year in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.