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The quintessential Hawaiian bay, Kaneohe Bay on Oahu’s eastern (windward) coast has served as the backdrop for numerous Hollywood movies including Pearl Harbor and 50 First Dates. The offshore islet called Coconut Island was shown during the opening scenes of the television series Gilligan’s Island.

As the second largest sheltered body of water in the Hawaiian Islands, Kaneohe Bay is about eight miles wide by three mile long, and 4.5 miles across the mouth of the bay. Along the shore line of the bay is the windward town of Kaneohe.
A unique feature of Kaneohe Bay is a barrier reef which one of only two of these types of reefs in the islands. A navigable channel cuts across the southern end of this reef, and another channel crosses the northern end which is offshore of the popular Kualoa Beach Park where there is a large grass lawn and plenty of shady areas for relaxing.

The lagoon within Kaneohe Bay is partially enclosed on the southern end by Mokapu Peninsula which is home to Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The prominent islands within Kaneohe Bay are Moku o Loe (Coconut Island) and Mokolii (Chinaman’s Hat).

Coconut Island is a volcanic remnant located on the southwest side of Kaneohe Bay. Mokolii is also a volcanic remnant, and is located at the north end of the Kaneohe Bay where it is home to Kualoa Airfield.

Onshore at the north end of the bay is the community of Waikane on the north end of the Koolaupoko district. The rugged and deeply furrowed Koolau mountains provide the backdrop for scenic Kaneohe Bay.